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Weekend Update

Once again, here's my weekend in 5 words:

  • four free tickets
  • piggy
  • pizza

1. My friend Shannon gave us free Diamondbacks tickets Friday night. Too bad there were only four. Bummer. We ended up with the boys at the game (it was fireworks night, yippee) and me and sis at home because she wasn't feeling well. We watched a Dateline about women hiring hit men. Bizarre, but fun.

2. I mentioned in the Top Ten list that our Wii Fit made my Mii obese. Here I am. Sooo not cute. Anyway, the kids think my Mii looks like a pig when she runs because she has those skinny little piglet legs. Sooo not funny, either.

3. We took Brent out to NYPD Pizza for his birthday. It was delicious. We ordered 'Da Works pizza and an order of Zeppoli for dessert. Yep, Zeppoli. That's deep-fried pizza dough drenched in powdered sugar and dipped in raspberry sauce. Delish! Obviously I made peace with piggy Mii. At least for that one night.

PS... Riley's sensor only checks his blood sugar every 5 minutes, which we discovered last night is WAY more than often enough when he started to go low at 3:00 a.m. He was woken up by the pump's alarm at 3:00 (and consequently, so was I). Then again at 3:15 (Still low). Then again at 3:30 (If that pump could talk it would have been saying, "I told you this darn kid was low. Are you going to do anything about it?!" And I would have yelled right back,"I gave him some juice! What more do you want me to do, stupid pump!! Now shut up and let me sleep!!!!" So, it's probably a good thing that the pump can't talk.) Then at 4:00 the pump and sensor were not communicating properly (more alarms) and we just turned it off until this morning. I'm a little sleepy today, but I think we now have it figured out. Fingers crossed.

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  1. That pump sounds cool. . . or at least it sounds cool once you get the kinks worked out. Anyway, just wanted to let you know how much joy your blog brings to my life. I love checking it for updates on your lives!


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