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What I Need (I think)

. . . is to read a more uplifting book. The past two books I have read have been real downers. I am thinking it may be partially to blame for my dumpy feelings lately. I have come to the conclusion that I know nothing of real suffering, which you would think would be at least a little bit uplifting. But you'd be wrong. "There, but for the grace of God, go I." I was no literature major (Maren, maybe you can help me with this), but I venture to guess that the theme of The Jungle is equal parts horror and hopelessness. At least that's what I get. Poor Jurgis Rudkus can't catch a break and just when you think he has, he gets beaten down lower than before. From his experiences we come to believe that an honest working man will never, EVER prosper. Sad. Now, I know we've come a long way since the turn of the century with all of it's political corruption and indifference toward the lower class, but have we really come far enough? I don't claim to know. Just a few things I've been thinking about lately. Anyway, I've had about enough. Judy Blume, here I come!

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  1. Wacky Wednesday can always elicit a giggle in our house. That Dr. Seuss can come up with some wacky, wacky stuff, that's for sure. Maybe that's not quite the reading level you were thinking of but hey, I dare you to not feel better after seeing the picture of the girl with a missing neck. Now THAT'S funny stuff, man.


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