My 3 Monsters: A Real Dilemma . . .
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A Real Dilemma . . .

HYPOTHETICALLY . . . What would you do if:

You are halfway to work when you realize that you have failed to put on deodorant? You are cutting it close time wise, but you HATE being late. In fact, you have never been late to work before. Ever. But let's just say, hypothetically, that you work with children and the chances of you making it through , say, 4 hours of work without sweating are slim to none. For fun let's also say you're driving a car with no air conditioning. What do you do?

Seeing as how I had also forgotten our lunch and Riley's glucose meter, I went back for the D/O. Oh wait. IF this had been me, I mean, that's what I would have done. Scatterbrain!


  1. I have never, no never, ever ever forgotten deoderant. Okay, well maybe just once . . . or twice . . . or . . . you know what? At least I've never forgotten to brush my teeth. Okay, well maybe just once . . .

  2. Funny, I did this very thing this morning. I went back home to put some on and then stole the D/O from myself and brought it to work. I will never have to stress about: Did I or Didn't I!!!


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