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Time Flies

My baby girl is turning 10 this weekend and today she shaved her legs for the first time. I'm still a little bit traumatized by the whole thing. I don't have babies anymore. Not a one. Need more proof? We e-vited girls to Sis's birthday party this year. We went to the library yesterday and came home with fifteen chapter books. Didn't even go down the storybook rows -- not for my lack of trying, mind you. My kids have money in the bank -- that they know and care about. Even Dylan eats Taco Bell now (a real sign of maturity in our home -- it does require a sophisticated pallet). I'm tearing up a little bit just now even thinking about it. Will there really be a day when no one needs me?! Say it isn't so . . .

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  1. Em has been begging me to let her shave her legs. I just keep putting it off. The worst was at church when a little girl said to her, "those are the hairest tights I've ever seen!" I asked her what tights she was wearing..thinking they had dog hair on them or something. Nope. No tights. She was mortified.


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