My 3 Monsters: Divide and Conquer
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Divide and Conquer

Pray tell why 5 people who love one another cannot peacefully coexist. I've been mulling this one over all week, and I am flummoxed. Remove any two people from the equation and all problems essentially vanish. But WHY?! Brent and I go out last night and the three kids are wonderful friends for Helena, the favorite babysitter. Dylan and I go to work today and peace, love and harmony abound at home. Brent goes to work, Riley heads out for a play date and life runs as smooth as the day is long here for the rest of us. Sydney and I stay home from the baseball game last weekend and good times are had by all in both places. Where is the logic in that? And what is the solution? Give up one of the children? No, thanks -- most days. Buy two separate homes? Not financially viable. Anyway, who would live in which house? There is no one person who is the "problem" and Brent and I would most likely go to jail if we left the kids all to fend for themselves. (I've thought about that one a time or two.) No one ever told me that three was the magic number for familial bliss. I will figure this out, but I'm beginning to feel like one of those mad scientists with the enormous chalkboard covered in equations that don't make any sense. 1300 square feet divided by 5 headstrong people times 24 hours a day times the past twelve years, carry the two . . . I love Brent, we love the kids, they love us, deep down I know they love each other. This too shall pass . . . Right?

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