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In 2009 . . .

  • I would like to cut my debt by 1/3. I would like to stick to our financial plan. I would like to feel good about my relationship with money (hello, Suze Orman) and know that I was making good choices and being a wise steward of our financial blessings. I would like to help others whenever possible.
  • I would like to seek personal inspiration and revelation by praying and studying the scriptures daily. I would like to make more time for meditation and temple worship. I would like to fast purposefully and teach my children to do the same.
  • I would like to find joy in magnifying my calling at church. I would like to be more outgoing and develop a friendly relationship with each young women. I would like to be more reliable in fulfilling my responsibilities.
  • I would like to stay close with my ever-maturing children by participating cheerfully in activities they enjoy. I would like to take the time to listen when they talk -- about whatever they want to talk about -- and take more opportunities to make them feel special. I would like to actively help them find and develop talents.
  • I would like to be more kind . . . to my family, to myself, and to people in general. I would like to have a positive, cheerful outlook on life and speak only kind words to (and about) others.
  • I would like to make my health a priority by finding time to work out regularly and by eating foods that make me feel good (bye bye, Coke and cheeseburgers). I would like to get enough sleep and have energy to find new physical activities I enjoy.
  • I would like to keep better control of Riley's diabetes and lower his A1c.
  • I would like to improve our home by upgrading some things and just maintaining some things better (ahem, our yard).
  • I would like to have fun . . . even whilst maintaining a level of responsibility. I've spent too long being unnecessarily anxious about things. This year I would just like to let it all rip and enjoy my stinkin' great life.

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  1. Great post - I like reading other people's resolutions because it makes me realize I need to work on that stuff too. I like the last one the best.


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