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I've been busy (shhh . . . working on Christmas gifts!) for the past few days and haven't been blogging. I am duly ashamed. Sad thing is, this week has not been without it's adventures. What a time to stop writing! Here's a quick wrap of my week for all my devoted friends:

* 911. What's your emergency?*

Yeah, Dylan dialed 911. During Family Night. At Mitch and Sheila's house. Could this BE anymore embarrassing? Probably not. When the police officer showed up at the house as they are obligated to do, we made Dylan (and all the other kids) line up and get a talking to. I don't think I've ever seen my child so humbled. He won't be doing that again soon. But IF he does, at least they have Mitch and Shiela's address on file, not ours. It's like a free pass. Kind of.

*How can I miss you if you won't go away?*

So, I guess I'm irresistible. That gym up in Carefree can't live without me. They e-mailed this week and gave me another job painting their "Stretch" logo. Yep, just the word stretch. That's some easy money if you ask me. After a frustrating beginning (no one knows where the blue paint is or, for that matter, where the stretch area is . . . whatever) it turned out well.

*Unexpected Vaccination*

I show up at my doctor's appointment Tuesday morning expecting a check up. How's your med working? Fine. Fine. Etc . . . It being November, I should have been expecting them to corner me about getting a flu shot. But I wasn't. Fine, I consent. The good news is they were out of flu vaccine!!! The bad news? I also need a tetanus shot and they have plenty of those. Boo.

*Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Cell phones in church have got to go!*

I'm feeling kind of strongly about this lately. I wrote about it on our Young Women's blog. I brought it up in Presidency meeting. I addressed it directly with the young women. And anyone else who will listen. As I pointed out, we all have 165 hours a week to spend as we please. Can we not go 3 hours without texting?! Don't get me wrong. I recently discovered texting and I love it, but come on. If you are a church meeting texter/ football score checker shame on you! Next week it probably won't be such an issue for me, but I'm all fired up right now. Whatever.

That's probably about all you missed. Now we're all back up to date. You're welcome.


  1. I am so excited about Christmas this year. I am having fun with the whole Christmas present thing too. I might even get my letter out this year. Who knows.

  2. ps..Emily is really Cathy. Emily must have been using my computer last.


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