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A Special message to Aryn:

Because I'm such a delightfully tactful friend I'm posting this little query on my own blog, not yours. Did you totally make out with Nolan while he was there?!?! I only remember meeting him once at BYU, but, honey, the years have been kind to that boy! He is as handsome as the day is long now! If you didn't get a little (mostly innocent) action out of that weekend I'm going to be so disappointed. I thought maybe you had granted him access to your beloved blog, but he certainly won't be reading mine. Fell free to respond candidly. You have my rapt attention.



  1. This is me listening with a glass against the door... :)

  2. Let me pick myself up off the floor from laughing. You old married ladies... always trying to live vicariously through us young, wild single women! (and yet you have yet to send any men my way... for shame, for shame).

    Amy, and internet: we did not make out. We were only ever friends before and he dated a friend or two of mine.. so I don't think it was really an option :). He DOES look great, though. I'm amused by how many of my friends (married and single) have raised their eyebrows after seeing his picture.


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