My 3 Monsters: Mural Painting: The End.
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Mural Painting: The End.

And I forgot my camera. Oh well. You get the gist. You've seen all the other photos. I'm over it.

Now I can move on to bigger and better (OK, just other) things. Cleaning my home, for example. Figuring out what happened to all my kids' socks. Restocking my refrigerator. And meeting with mural client #2 in the morning. So, I spent some time designing this business card last night. The old ones (of which I have 4 boxes) have the wrong e-mail on them now. Whoops. What do you think? Be kind.


  1. It's awesome, Amy. I'm trying not to gush too much about all your painting and now your adorable business cards - only because I'm trying to maintain some amount of self-respect. But I am super duper impressed and proud of you. And jealous. You're very talented.


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