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Sometimes I feel good for nothing. Weak. And if my children are any indication, inaudible. Not necessarily feeling that today. In fact, quite the opposite! I am powerful. I can make things happen just by speaking. Boo yah! Brent has grown a goatee. I'm not opposed to facial hair. I quite like the looks of it on him. But last night as he tenderly leaned over my shoulder and kissed my collar bone as I sat typing at this very computer, it felt more like he was scrubbing me with sandpaper. Sad, because that little shoulder kiss is one of the things that gets me through this crazy life. I told him as much, and, guess what. Within hours the goatee had magically disappeared. Huh.

I don't want to be the kind of wife who tells my husband what to do. His facial hair is his business, really. As are the clothes he wears, the food he eats and how often he showers. He's a man and has earned the right to do what he wants. Within reason. He can wear stinky Eternity cologne if he wants. I prefer Aqua di Gio, but whatever. His choice. I felt a little bad about the missing goatee and asked him why he did it. He sweetly told me that if it came down to a choice between having facial hair or kissing my collar bone, he would choose the kiss every time. Aaahhh. I told him he could still kiss my collar bone -- gently. And so began goatee #2.


  1. Is he going to shave his head too...? Well, better not because then Maren would try to steal him away. :)

    I totally hear you on the inaudible part. Did we ignore our moms this much when we were young???

  2. Goatee, did I hear someone say? I am planning my evil plot to steal away your husband as we speak...

    On second thought, maybe I should wait until after I have this baby and I am looking and feeling less like an over-extended balloon. My powers of seduction can only be enhanced then, right?

    On third thought, at that point I may be too tired from staying up all night etc.

    I guess I'll have to settle for asking Mike to grow out his goatee again.

    You're husband is safe... for the moment ;)


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