My 3 Monsters: Mural Painting: Day 9 -OR- Indulge Me for a Moment

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Mural Painting: Day 9 -OR- Indulge Me for a Moment

Sooo, I am almost finished. Supposed to BE finished, but the boss man thought my stencil for the logo I'm supposed to paint was too small. It's 6 feet long. They want it twice as big. At least. Right. Also, they were hanging the plasma TV in the theatre room so I spent a lot of time today waiting for my turn to touch the wall. (I suspected as much and was supposed to be painting the logo.) I would have gone home, but I had already spent an hour driving up there, traumatized my children and inconvenienced my friend. I needed results. So, as the title says, indulge me. Here are a slew of photos of what I have completed. If I had Photoshop I would paste all these photos together so you could get a full view of this map. There are still some things I don't like, but it is stunning in real life. (If I do say so myself.)

Here are a couple of detail shots. I'm not loving the monkeys. Something is weird, but I'm trying not to care. Everyone else likes them. Whatever.

These are the almost-finished curtains.

And these are the finished ones. I think I like the almost-finished ones better, but do you know how long it would take me to paint over those gold ropes and start over? Not gonna happen. It's hard to get a good shot of this room what with the glare from the window. I wonder how that bodes for children being able to watch TV in here. . .

Pictures of my logo tomorrow.


  1. Seriously, you are soooooo amazingly talented. I am in awe. Good work, my friend!!!

  2. Rest assured it's stunning in pictures as well. Way to go, Amy!!

  3. Fantastic! The monkeys are perfect...leave them alone.

  4. I have photoshop.... come on over girlfriend! You do fabulous work!
    We had a blast with your kids yesterday - they only got a few knocks and bruises - and they were so well behaved. Once again, you are a fabulous mommy and talented artist! I want to be just like you :)


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