My 3 Monsters: Mural Painting: Day 6
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Mural Painting: Day 6

Twelve more hours painting. I'm so tired and sore that I can hardly move. But I'm almost finished. There is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. This mural just needs to be outlined and have a few details added with the paint pen that I forgot to go buy tonight. Oops. The criss-crossed palm trees were a last minute add-in. It used to be a compass rose that just didn't work for whatever reason.

I'm still not really happy with "Monster Mountain". It's not working either. Not sure why, but I'll figure it out.

Just decided today to add this on. I think it's cute. Whatever.

Start of mural #3. By tomorrow afternoon this will look like red velvet curtains. Eventually, a 50" plasma TV will hang in the center. Fancy, schmancy.
Also, some random thoughts I had today:
  • The construction manager sound exactly like Tom Brokaw. It kind of freaks me out.
  • Electricians are the hardest working people, maybe, in the world. This guy came in at 3:00 a.m. and was still busily working when I left at 6:45. Yikes.
  • Men are equal parts crude and easily impressed.
  • I hope they want these same murals in the other clubs because I think I figured out a better, faster way to do, ohhhhh, everything. By doing EVERYTHING wrong on this one. It has all come together nicely, but not without some effort.


  1. I check your blog daily anxiously awaiting the newest photos! You are amazing!

  2. Keep up the good work. Just think of the big, fat, juicy paycheck!

  3. You amaze me. Seriously, you are so, so talented. I love seeing your work!!

  4. Ditto to everything Cynthia said. I love seeing this all go down.


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