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Boo's on the Brain

Yes, I've been messing around with the layout again. I'm entitled to my whims.

So, apparently the future is weighing heavily on Dylan. He talks often of his "boo" lately. When we went to Linens-N-Things he pointed to a big ol' tacky black and gold bed set and said, "That's the bed I'm gonna' share with my boo". Last night while watching HSM:Get in the Picture he saw a a beautiful blond girl on screen and stopped dead in his tracks. Staring at the TV he said, "That's what my boo is going to look like!" Now, I don't know if he has had some kind of revelation or if he just likes blond girls in tank tops, but he was pretty convinced that this girl was where it was at for him. Maybe he can give Uncle Robbie and Uncle Ryan some pointers in the companion-of-my-future-life-selection department. He seems to have it all figured out. Whatever.


  1. I have no problems with blondes in tank-tops.

  2. Dylan says you'll have to come out here and then you can go for a drive and he'll help you find a boo. I'm sure there are areas where we could find you a boo -- for a price. It could be very Pretty Woman-esque. Think about it . . .


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