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We Had a "Moment"

I truly believe that the Lord knows when you're doing the very best you can and He picks up your slack wherever possible. Such was the case this week. Family Night Monday was swimming. No lesson. No treat. Just swimming and then I took off and went to the gym. It was all I could do. Really. I felt kind of bad about it, but yesterday we had an entirely unplanned experience that taught my kids more effectively than I have ever done. Sydney decided, for fun, to gather up all the loose change in our house. And in our cars. And in my wallet. It completely filled one of those red plastic cups. Then she begged me to take her the CoinStar machine at the grocery store. I agreed, making sure that she understood it was MY money, not hers. MINE. (That's not the good lesson part yet.) Before we went everyone tried to guess how much money was in that cup full of pennies and nickels. $10. $12. $100. (That was Dylan.) Off we go . . . and get a whopping $19!!!!! So, those small insignificant pennies bought us pizza and soda and cookie dough last night with enough money left over to go to the Big Pool today. "By small and simple things are great things brought to pass." And my kids GET it. I must be living right.

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