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A Few Loose Ends

OK, so really embarrassing that I have time (and desire) to post three times in one day. I got a speeding ticket this morning and I am "escaping" real life for a while . . . and the kids are playing nicely, which won't last forever. I have a few bits of business that I must address :

  1. I overuse ellipses. I don't care. It's my thing . . .
  2. If I read your blog and I have not given it a cutesy nickname yet on my sidebar, never fear. The comedic geniuses here at My 3 Monsters are hard at work and your day will come. If I don't know about your blog, it's time to fess up.
  3. Dylan is happy to help all you singles out there find boos. I talked to him about it today. I suggested we set Uncle Ryan (Brent's brother) up with Aunt Leslie (my sister). Dylan says no. First, Les isn't blond. Second, she is already dating Uncle Robbie (my brother). I guess because he always sees them together he just assumed . . .
  4. Check out these pictures of my boo. Scroll down until you find him. You'll be glad you did.
  5. When did Thermos containers start costing $15?! That's outrageous. In my day they came free in your Dukes of Hazard lunchboxes. A thermos wasn't a luxury, it was a right. Oy, the crumbling economy . . .
  6. Thank you to Aryn for the link (long ago) on your blog to your friend who sells IDeclare jewelry. I got the neatest necklace from B and the kids for mother's day that has 3 small charms with my kids' names on them. I'm loving it.
  7. Brent loved Batman (surprise, surprise). It was the best movie of all time, I guess. He's going again Thursday night. When do I get a night off? How kind of you to ask. Take it up with the boss man.

I think that's all that was on my mind at 1 a.m. when I couldn't sleep and began my mental list of pressing concerns. Go about your normal business.

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