My 3 Monsters: A Labor of Love
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A Labor of Love

And I don't mean the kind in which you agonize for a mere 13 hours and are rewarded with a beautiful newborn to love and cherish, into the eyes of which you gaze affectionately. No, I mean the kind where you agonize for hours measuring, taping, caulking the tape, painting, ruining, re taping, repainting and then touching up four brown stripes around the pink walls of your beloved daughter's room and almost ruin your brand new BYU t-shirt in the process. I mean the kind where you you work with your hands above your head for so long you almost forget you had feeling in them in the first place. I mean the kind in which you paint no less than twelve coats of magnetic paint in an eight inch stripe on one wall and then hand-make flowered magnets by which beloved daughter can hang cherished photos of friends. I mean the kind where you cut 154 10 inch squares of carefully selected fabric and 77 squares of batting and sew and snip for hours on end. I mean the kind in which you spend all your free time for two weeks creating the bedroom-of-her-dreams for your your beautiful ten year old baby girl. And then . . . THEN . . . you get to look into her eyes and know that she knows you love her. Ahhhh -- labors of love. Good stuff. (Photos will follow . . .as soon as I go get batteries for my poor old camera.)


  1. Can't wait to see! I have always said I wished I lived closer to you so I could tap into your creative juices, or at least twist your arm into doing s few projects for me :)

  2. Could you perhaps extend that labor of love to my children? Because, sadly, they aren't going to get it from me . . .

  3. Sydney is a lucky girl! Can't wait to see the photos...


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