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Who Knew?!

You know how sometimes you just get down in the dumps? Nothing in particular bugging you, except that EVERYTHING is bugging you. Please say it's not just me. I've been feeling especially "dumpy" since we got home from Utah. It's hard to come home from a week at camp with no domestic responsibilities and a week of vacational bliss and jump straight back into work. To find the will to bring some semblance of order to the messy home you neglected for a month in the pre-camp frenzy. To fill the bare cupboards with food and, AND, put a remotely healthy and/or edible meal on the table on some sort of regular schedule. To wash every article of clothing you own and simultaneously entertain the world's most unentertainable children. Oh, and get the air conditioner fixed while living out of a hotel indefinitely, to boot. Especially when, as you are peeling yourself out of bed every day to attempt to perform this magic, you are reminded by a daily photo in your e-mail inbox of the fun your siblings are having at the family reunion in Colorado without you. And your calendar is mockingly counting down the days until the other half of your family will be gathering at the idyllic family cabin by the lake, once again without you. There are not enough pills in the world to keep me in my happy place under these conditions.

Pity party finished, I prayed for help. Help to see the sunshine again and get it all together. I didn't know what I needed, but I prayed for SOMETHING. And went to bed confident that tomorrow would be better. I awoke to a phone call from the Relief Society presidency informing me that a sister in our ward's son had been killed in a motorcycle accident and, as the only member of the compassionate service committee in town, I was needed to coordinate meals for the three or four nights and a luncheon for 80 people after the funeral service Saturday. My first, gut reaction was, "NO!!!! Nononononononononononononononono! I was supposed to have been released from this calling when I was called as Young Women's secretary. I prayed for help FOR MYSELF last night! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" But I quietly said, "Sure. That won't be a problem." I turned to my friends (and I must say that I have always had a knack for picking the best friends) and everything has worked itself out.

SO, who would ever have guessed that what I needed to get out of my funk was to plan a funeral? The Lord works in mysterious ways.

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