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Top . . . Seven?

Will you all forgive me, based on the week I have had, if I can only remember seven mildly entertaining things from last month? I'll try to get to ten, but no promises. (Deep breath) Away we go :

10. Handlebars. You may or may not have heard this song by The Flobots. You can hear it now by scrolling down and double clicking it on my play list. If you want. This song has been very popular in our house this month. "Me and my friend saw a platypus" ?! Classic lyrical genius!

9. The $60 dryer solution. Our clothes dryer has been struggling for, like, a while. I just ignored it and started drying the clothes for two cycles instead of one. Then three . . . finally I took the initiative and called the home warranty company thinking that a $60 service call now would maybe save us in the long run. The guy comes out. Nothing wrong with the dryer. It's in the duct work. That'll be $60,ma'am, and have a nice day. So Brent thinks maybe, just maybe, he'll take a look at the vent outside. Bird's nest. Pulled it out (for free) and the dryer is now right as rain. Are we the dumbest homeowners ever?! (Please don't answer.)

8. Word Girl. One of the highlights of my non-cable tv day is watching Word Girl with my kids on PBS. First, that my children will watch an educational program and enjoy it is nigh unto a miracle in its own rights. That I enjoy it, too, is almost too serendipitous to be believed. Word Girl is a super hero who fights crime with her pet monkey, Captain Huggyface, and her awesome vocabulary. It's better than it sounds.

7. Our growing family. So, yes, I've put on some weight lately. No, this is not an announcement. Dylan came home from primary with a paper chain that was supposed to represent the people that are sealed to him -- his eternal family. Only Dylan's had like eleven links on it. I asked him who each link represented. Mom, Dad, Sydney, Riley, Jamie (my friend), Chris (her husband), Hunter, Caden, Savannah, Reagan, and Logan (their kids). Interesting.

6. Yember. Dylan's latest contribution to the lexicon. It means "do you remember". I can't decide if he's lazy or has just learned to talk really fast so he can get his thoughts out before someone else starts speaking. Most likely the latter. In our home someone is always talking. Always!

5. Dylan: That guy sucks at golfing. The first time he swung he didn't even hit the ball!" In case you're curious, "that guy" was Davis Love III playing at the US Open. His first swing? A practice swing, as you may have already imagined. That kid . . .

4. Overheard at Benihana:
Woman: We'll take the lunch special hibachi chicken.
Waitress: I'm sorry, we only serve the lunch specials Monday through Friday.
Woman: (befuddled pause) Well, can we still get lunch and just have it not be special?
At this point I was trying not to laugh out loud and choking on my water in the process. I'm sure the conversation continued and they got it all sorted out because said woman did, in fact, eat her decidedly un-special lunch with the rest of us.

3. One of my little campers continually praying that we would, "live life to the fullest". Don't get me wrong, I agree with the sentiment, I've just never really imagined using that particular phrase in a prayer.

2. One of my other little campers asking me why I, "put crap on her bed every day". I kept my personal belonging pretty well organized so I'm thinking she was referring to the "treats" I carefully planned and made by hand that I assumed she would enjoy finding on her bed every day. Note to self: next year don't magnify this calling quite so much.

1. Taco Bell's new Queso Crunchwrap. Queso's here and Queso wants to party, people!

Whew!!! I MADE IT!!! All ten, boo yah! Hope you all had a great month and sorry this is late.

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