My 3 Monsters: Let's Review . . .

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Let's Review . . .

The Mom.

Not the mom.

The mom.

Persuasive. Commanding presence, but not the mom.

The mom.

Nurturing. Sweet. Still not the mom.

Just so we're all clear. (Ahem, Sydney.) This has been somewhat of an issue for the past, ohhhh, 8 years. We were just having a little fun with her today. (But, seriously, I'm the mom.)


  1. So often when I read your blog I feel like I am looking into my future. Could it be cause we followed your pattern--1 girl followed by several boys? Hmmmm.

  2. I have to guys look crazy a like!

  3. As always, very clever Amy! So funny. Tell Brent to check out his pictures on my blog:


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