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Come Away With Me

Yep, I'm back and bloggin' again. Here is my photo journal of the past ten days. I'm still working at remembering that I have a camera so not everything fun is represented, but here are a few of the highlights.

"My Girls" performing their dance to "We Like to Party" (hear it on What's Playing on my iPod). Cute stuff. I was taking photos with three cameras and didn't do very well.

A few of my third years on our hike up Temple Canyon. Aren't they cute?!

Megan really mugged for the camera. My kids love this one because it looks like she's really high. She's actually about three feet off the ground.

Boo boos. My poor baby girls. These are two of our favorite babysitters.

One of the most favorite parts of the Utah trip was seeing new baby Shaw. Isn't he sweet as can be?

I hope my kids didn't get any ideas about our family getting a new baby, too.

Cougar Pride. You're never too young to start, right? We made a special trip to the BYU bookstore just to get these bad boys.

I love seeing our kids with their cousins. Warms my heart. I just wish Brit had been in this picture, too.

Dylan and Brit helping Riley "screw his courage to the sticking place" so to speak. He ended up being my most courageous kid, taking more swings than the other two put together.

That's my boy!

Sissy takes the plunge, too.

Sis and Kennedy got really brave by the end of the afternoon.

Dylan didn't enjoy swinging so much (though he did give it a go, which made me proud). He liked trying to catch the rope and bring it back for people.

His one swing . . . back and forth and back and forth and so on until his hands finally slipped from the rope and he was forced to drop. Crying and carrying on ensued.

He preferred rock hopping.

Until he cut his foot. Or got bit by a pirhanna. Not sure which. A cowboy and his horse fell in just about the same place earlier in the afternoon. No telling what strange things were afoot under that water.

Sparklers. Too too fun. (I took pictures of everybody else before I realized my camera has a special night flash. They didn't turn out too good.)

So, good times had by all. All five of us anyway. I can't wait for our next vacation.

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  1. Nothing like Canadians to make it a great 4th! Amy, I love this post, and all of the pictures. It really does sounds like an idyllic 4th of July. Your kids are so cute - definitely related. :)

    Glad you're back and safe - now I think you should post a recipe or two. For people like me that don't have recipes.


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