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I Feel So Violated!

This is not a good thing, right? Brent went to see Batman at midnight last night. (Why? That's another post altogether.) Actually, he went at 9:00 p.m. and came home at 3:00 this morning. That's not really the problem. I'm kind of creeped out this morning by the fact that he entered the house at 3:00 a.m., walked all the way back to the bedroom, changed into pajamas, brushed his teeth (here's hoping), and got into bed next to sleeping me and I never heard a thing. NOT ONE THING! Would I have woken up had it been a stranger who meant to do harm to me and/or my possessions or children (wait, reverse that order)? Was my subconscious lulled into a sense of security by Brent's familiar presence? And HOW did I not wake up? Any who have had the honor of meeting my husband know that he is certainly not ninja-esque. I should have woken up . . . and didn't. Creepy.


  1. I've done the same thing--sometimes when Z is traveling he doesn't get home until extremely odd hours. I never delve into the "what if this were a psychopath stranger entering my house and I didn't hear it" scenarios, though. It would be to creepy.
    p.s. How was Batman?

  2. Ummmm, I meant "too creepy," not "to creepy." It really was a typo.

  3. Funny. When I am out, I am out. As I am writing and thinking about being creeped out, my neighbor tapped on the back door. (I am it is super quiet here) I almost peed my pants. I so want to see Batman. Maybe tonight.

  4. Oh, then I guess you didn't notice the time I came in your room and tried on all your clothes while you were sleeping... I thought you were just pretending to be asleep. Hm.


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