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Luck Be a (Prayerful?) Lady Tonight . . .

Do you ever have those moments where you get a glimpse into the mind of your child? Where you can see how well they grasp gospel principles and gauge how well you're doing as a parent? We had one of those tonight at dinner with Dylan. He must have been hungry because he dove right into his food before I reminded him that he needed to wait for the prayer. "Awwww," he says, "I wish we didn't have to pray so I could just eat!" Sydney jumps in with, "But Dylan, praying is important." "No it's not. It does nothing," he counters. I feel the need to take control and rein things in at this point. "What about when our air conditioner was broken and we were waiting for the repair man in the hot house and we said a prayer that he would come quick and be able to fix it fast. Then it happened, right?" "That was just a lucky prayer," he says. JUST A LUCKY PRAYER?! Wow. Bearing in mind that he is 6, I think I know what we'll focus on in Family Night for the next few weeks. Kids are funny.

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