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Am I Glowing?

I guess I'm supposed to be having a very proud moment. I'm not really sure, however. Let me explain . . .

Riley came home from school today just beaming from ear to ear. He had been chosen, it seems, to go and make a speech to a classroom of second graders. Wow, huh? Not so fast. I asked him what the speech was about.
"Spelling," came his reply.
"Hmmmm. More info, please," I pressed.
Well, this particular class had a few kids who had missed several words on their spelling tests this week and were saddened to the point of tears.
"So, what exactly did you say in your speech, my friend?"
"I just told them that's it's no big deal because I was in third grade and I missed six words on my spelling test and I'm not sad so they shouldn't care about it either."
"Is that what you were supposed to say?"
"I don't know. My teacher wasn't there so I could just say what I wanted."

Right. That's Brent's child, not mine.

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  1. Amy! I've been without the internet for awhile, and though I've checked in occasionally, you write so much I a, quite behind (and you are such a clever little writer... I must go back and read every entry).

    Oh my goodness your poor little boy. I remember you mentioning years ago how awful you'd feel if anyone picked on your kid. I'm curious what that was about... and what happens.

    How are you getting all this free food again?!?!?!?!

    Thanks for the recipe(s)... I love, love, love them.

    And yes, your hair looks great (!!)


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