My 3 Monsters: Clearly the Kids Didn't Get the Memo.

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Clearly the Kids Didn't Get the Memo.

You know, the one about being on best behavior while dad is gone. The one about not disrupting the delicate balance of mom's emotional state while dad is in Canada. The one about not getting SENT TO THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE on my watch. I thought that generic memo was sent out by "the universe" anytime a parent was left on their own for a significant length of time as a means of preserving future generations of life on the planet. Not so? Well, within 24 hours of Brent leaving, Dylan cut class and Sydney and Riley got written up for singing on the bus.

Where to begin . . . Yes, my FIRST GRADER cut class. Or snuck out of class or whatever and was caught, to quote the incident report I got from the principal, "goofing around in the bathroom (rolling around on the floor) with another student". EWWWWWWW! Wrong on so many levels. He had to sit in the principals office during recess to "think about his actions". I asked him what, if anything, he was thinking when he did this and he said, "It's hard to explain."
"Am I EVER going to get one of these notes again?"
"Then we're good. Oh, and consider yourself grounded from anything electronic for the next week."

So, singing on the bus???!!! I don't know/don't really care what that's all about. All I know is that the school principal had all three of my kids names cross her desk within an eight hour school day. And not in a good way. Whatever happened to my philosophy of flying below the radar? It got me through I can't remember how many different schools successfully. Clearly Brent's kids don't subscribe. OY!

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