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And That's Why I Do the Blogging Around Here.

Brent's suggestion for Overrated/Underrated this week:

Overrated: his progenitors
Underrated: too crude to write on a family blog.

Nice. I'll say it again. That's why I do the blogging around here. I'll cut him some slack this week as he is mourning the passing of his grandmother. We loved her. She was one of the truly great ladies in the world. She was wise and kind and (in Brent's own words) stubborn as hell. She dressed better and was more stylish than most women I know (of any age). We'll never forget how she said her final goodbyes . . . every time she said good bye for about the past ten years. There's nothing like being prepared. And I personally will never forget how we got cards in the mail addressed to Brent and _________. Clearly she tried to remember me and I appreciate that. Effort -- it's all I ask of anyone. The world seems just a little less bright now. We will miss Great Grandma Gregson.

Papa G and Grandma on their wedding day.

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