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Honestly, I'm a Little Obsessed.

I found this website called Blurb where you can publish your blog into a book and I'm a little bit excited about it. I spent all weekend transferring all my posts , cleaning up the pictures and arranging them just so. I mean it, all weekend. It's crazy cool, and sooo easy. Merry Christmas to me . . . if I can wait that long. I mean, I have to wait because I want it to cover the whole year, but I just can't wait to see it. You can take the girl out of the old-school, but you can't take the old-school out of the girl. This blogging thing is great, but I like my hard copies, too.

I know I tend to over-idealize things, but I'm picturing, years from now, my grown up kids sitting around reading this book and laughing at all their hi jinks. Assuming, of course, we make it through the teen years alive, out of jail, and still speaking to one another.


  1. My sil told me about blurb awhile ago and that is why I created my blog. I do not scrapbook. I rarely put pictures in photo albums. This will be our only family history.

  2. My friend was just telling me about this site last week. I am so excited to do this...I am hitting my year mark shortly. I am so doing this.


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