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My Man Just Can't Catch a Break.

Poor Brent just doesn't have any luck right now. He and his buddies planned the World's Coolest Baseball Adventure. They were going to see the D-backs vs. Dodgers here one weekend and then travel to LA to see them there the following weekend. A friend of ours who writes for the D-backs magazine made some phone calls and arranged for them to go to the game in LA as "friends of the Diamondbacks" with awesome free seats Friday night and Saturday afternoon, jerseys and face time on TV. Also a possible chance to meet the players and get autographs pre-game. All that in addition to the fun of an all-guy road trip weekend. It was going to be so great. He came home telling me all about it. I was excited for him. Then he told me when it was . . . September 5th and 6th. The weekend he is baptizing our son. I told him (sarcastically -- and I think he understood that) that he should go. I'd just get my dad or my brother-in-law or our home teacher to baptize our eldest son. No big. He reminded me that our home teachers both would be in LA that weekend and then agreed that he should probably not go to LA after all. But he could still go the game here in Arizona. That would still be cool, right? Not so much. He'll be in Canada for his grandmother's funeral that day. Poor, poor boy.


  1. You can't move the baptism back a week? I mean, a baptism, that's forever. It ain't going anywhere. But the World's Coolest Baseball Adventure? That's a once in a lifetime gig...

    (I'm trying, Brent)

  2. IF we hadn't ALREADY moved it back a month and IF our stake allowed families to do individual baptisms and IF my parents hadn't already booked plane tickets . . . we've been around and around about this. But I'm sure he appreciates your effort.

  3. Also, For the past month Riley has been keeping a running tab of his "sins" since he's now accountable -- just so he'll know how many he's having washed away. Just this morning he hit Sydney and said, "That makes 20." I need to baptize this kid and get his sins off of MY tab.

  4. LOL, Amy!!!! Your kids are a riot.

  5. yeah..Ry got almost an extra year to sin it up.

  6. Our friends helpfully suggested that we wait a year so it will count as a convert baptism for the ward. Great idea . . .


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