My 3 Monsters: Impressive Fleet You Have There, Sir.

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Impressive Fleet You Have There, Sir.

Yesterday as I was cleaning the house I kept finding these little treasures. They were hidden away in closets, laying on the ledges in the living room and kitchen, stuck in my plants where they had crash landed, soggy in puddles dripped on the bathroom floor. They were made out of computer printer paper, sacrament meeting programs, old homework, scratch paper from school and even grocery store receipts. These pictures show only a fraction of the "fleet" I gathered up yesterday. Just the "good" ones. And these are just the new ones since I threw away a big batch about a week ago. Here's the one responsible for it all:

He's a rather prolific builder, don't you think? Future aero-space engineer? He lost a tooth yesterday, too -- on accident. I kind-of maybe might have swatted his mouth for being sassy and knocked it clean out. Yes, it was very loose to begin with. (What kind of a monster do you think I am?!) Anyway, for the rest of my life I will never look at a paper airplane without thinking of my "Baby D". And the house will never feel quite the same when he outgrows this rather cute phase.


  1. Those are very nice. Could he design one for me that flies using water as fuel and will take our family wherever we want to go? THANKS.

  2. Very cute. Brent and Jeff had a fun visit in Canada. I guess now Brent wants to be called "Sweet Biscuits" ?! I'm almost afraid to ask...


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