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Not too shabby for having taken my own pictures, huh? The haircut is splendid! (It's not Alina's fault that I'm not so photogenic.) Can't wait to see you all!!!


  1. VERY cute, Amy! Did she color it too? It looks great. Have someone take a picture of the back, I want to get a thorough overview. So would it be too stalker-ish for me to get the same haircut...? :)

  2. I'm too cheap so I color it myself, but one day I'm going to really splurge an have her do that, too. Wouldn't it be so fun if we all got matchy-matchy haircuts to go with our matching pajamas? Do it, Cynthia!!!

  3. Awesome! Don't you love a really good haircut? Now we're twinners. It's the easiest haircut I've ever had to style myself. Makes mornings a lot quicker. Is that your brown Ann Taylor sweater?

  4. I know, popular haircut. Probably 1/3 of the women I know have some variation of this style. It's cute and practical. Why not?! Yep, that's my $4.00 Ann Taylor sweater. You're good.


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