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Is This Doctor Good, Or What . . .

At 9:00 tonight our phone rang. Brent ran to answer it, fearing bad news about his grandmother. No one really calls us that late, even though we've told everyone we'll still be up. It was Riley's endocrinologist who we went to see today. He had been thinking about our visit and couldn't remember if he had told me to adjust one of his overnight numbers or not. Now, this busy, busy man could have called me in the morning. Shoot, he could have just closed Riley's file as soon as we walked out of the office and not thought about us again until we came back in two weeks. But he just wanted to make sure Riley would have a good night. Wow. That's why we pay him the big bucks. And why money will never repay my debt of gratitude to him. We really are blessed.


  1. That doctor deserves accolades the world over. Every once in awhile I hear stories like that and I am thankful (vicariously) that such people still exist. But isn't it sad that it is soooooooo much the exception instead of the rule?

  2. We have had similar great service with Andrew's neurologist. I can't spell so we can just call him "Andrew's brain doctor." Isn't it wonderful?


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