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Never a Dull Moment

I think my kids are funny. Weird, but amusing. Here are a series of odd comments I heard within one hour yesterday afternoon:
  • Do horses eat hot dogs? Because I think that would be awesome. -- Dylan
  • Hey, I think I can see your colon. -- Riley's "twist" on the old "your epidermis is showing" joke.
  • Can I play Wii? What's your answer? Just spit it out. -- Dylan
  • If America is a free country, how come everything costs money? -- Dylan
  • I think it would be sad to grow up in Canada where you can't choose anything for yourself. -- Sydney (hopefully) mis-speaking after my explanation of the dual meanings of the word free
  • If I don't eat my broccoli, can I only have the crust from the peach and raspberry cobbler? -- Dylan, ever negotiating
  • When I grow up I want to be a Michael Phelps fan. -- Riley's philosophy of why do today what you can put off until tomorrow
  • Should I make this ramen or what? -- Sydney, really asking if anyone was going to cook dinner

I never go very long without chuckling in this house. I'm so in love with this family!


  1. I love it!!! I am soooo excited to meet your kids, I can hardly stand it. They sound so hilarious.

  2. Oh my, I enjoyed this. You DO have an entertaining family, that's for sure.


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