My 3 Monsters: Urgency and Resolution

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Urgency and Resolution

I turned on the computer this morning only to be horrified by the pictures of my big old face on this blog. Hence the urgency. Urgency to type enough that my face isn't the first thing I see when I open up my internet. Love the hair. Face, ehhhhh. I'm not loving the double chin, the enormous eyes, the prominence of the lower half . . . We are our own worst critics aren't we? Poor Brent for having to look at that every day.

Anyway. Resolution . . . The assistant principal from the kids' school called last night and the "pure evil" third grader has been suspended from the bus and Dylan's assigned seat has been moved so he sits with his fiercely protective 5th-grader sister and her gang of friends. Hooray!!! Always happy to see justice served. (FYI, Sydney was the one most traumatized by this experience -- sooo like her mom. Dylan was like, "It hurt, but whatever.") Also, in case you were worried, I got my new eyelash curler (and a free 12 pack of Dr. Pepper, but that's a coupon story for another day). Whew! Now we can all sleep tonight.

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  1. Love the hair! I am totally upset for you about the bus troubles. Buses stink sometimes. I am glad you got it resolved. It is horrible to think about people being mean to our kids. Makes me almost want to drive my kids to school each day...but then I would have to be completely awake at school time. I am not good at that..I guess my kiddos will have to tough it out on the bus. : )


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