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Ahhhhh, sweet, blessed Sanity! How I've missed you and your brother, Silence. The monsters are officially students again. First, third, and fifth grade to be exact. And loving it to boot! I don't know if life could be better. Yesterday I had to work (farting noise, thumbs down), but I met all my girlfriends for lunch. So fun! This morning I had:

  1. worked out
  2. done some grocery shopping (16 boxes of cereal, 2 boxes nutri-grain bars, 4 boxes Rice Krispie treats, 2 boxes cereal straws, 2 cookie mixes, and 4 Warm Delights all for just under $20. Not bad, huh?)
  3. started laundry
  4. showered without having to break up WW3
  5. read scriptures and
  6. registered for traffic school

ALL by 10:00! Any one of those things would have been a day-long ordeal a week ago. It's pretty wonderful.

Lest I begin to appear completely selfish, remember how happy the kids are! They ADORE their teachers, all have friends in their classes and come home exhausted. So great. No one was nervous this year, either. Here are some pics of their first day.

Take 1: Dylan wanted his "indy-visual" picture so he refused to cooperate for a group shot.

Take 2: The best I was going to get.

Finally cooperating.

Already working on homework. He had all summer to get it done. I found out about it Saturday.

Big Girl on Campus.

Aren't they cute. And yes, we will easily eat (or donate to friends and family) 16 boxes of cereal.

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