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Lock Up Your Daughters . . .

Our dinner conversation last night (verbatim):

Sydney: When Maddie comes our can we . . .
Dylan: Oh! Maddie is coming over? Like, sleeping over?
Sydney: Yeah.
Dylan: (with a wicked little smile that scared me to the core of my being) Sweet.
Dylan: (in response to Brent and my suspicious looks) What?! I'm impressed by the ladies.

Heaven help us all.


  1. Dylan and Britt are out of the same mold when it comes to the ladies. What do we have in store for us when they turn 16? Personally, I'm a little nervous...

  2. That's hilarious! I have 4 older girls, but my boys are 12 & 10, can't wait! My 12 yo is starting to look at girls. Fun times!


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