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A Chain Reaction Out of Control . . .

When the picture fell off of our living room wall a couple weeks ago I thought all was lost. I had no hope that my home would ever be quasi-attractive again. Or at least not before our visitors arrived next weekend. But then I got to thinking . . . what if I moved this over here and then moved that over there and then Brent was gone and I got bored and it was raining so the kids wouldn't go to bed anyway and then . . . voila! We have a brand new house! I realized that we moved into this house 5 years ago, set up shop, and then haven't moved anything. Ever. For FIVE YEARS! That is just so not like me.

I turned everything upside down and moved almost every piece of furniture we own. The pictures and accessories are all re-hung and I love it. It feels cozy and fresh and just generally, ummm, new. AND I think we have room in the living room for another chair. Eventually.

The problem is that I don't know where to stop. I'm now having wild thoughts about our bedroom. How much do you think Brent will freak when he comes home to all this change?
The kids can't wait to surprise him Monday night.

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  1. Pictures, my friend. Pictures. I can't finish my place until I see yours so I have something to copy.


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