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Now YOU Can Be Just Like Me!

I'm here to help. I blog because I care. I'm just humble enough to think that it's my (foreordained?) duty to share each and every wonderful thing I enjoy with the less fortunate people of the world (ahem, you). Seriously . . . I've been blog-hopping (clicking the Next Blog button up top) and I really hope I don't sound as ridiculous as some of the other things I've read. Please tell me IF:
  • I overuse the word wonderful. Or super. Or the phrase "cutest ______ in the world".
  • You can't stand to see my kids' faces one more time. (But don't even try to tell me they're ugly because then I'll know you're just jealous.)
  • The things I find "sooooo fun!!!" are really boring and everyone else in the world is doing them, too.
  • I have bad taste in music. On second thought . . .
  • No human child could possibly be as sweet, charming, intelligent, (insert superlative here) as I claim that mine are.
  • You don't get my jokes. Or my snarky, quirky sense of humor.
  • I take rotten pictures.

Just kidding. I don't want to know any of those things. I'm going to keep blissfully blogging about my super sweet children and my wonderful, interesting life and if you're laughing at me just keep it behind my back.

But, for real, here are a few things you should check out:

Tostitos Creamy Salsa (Unnatural and a bit scary looking. So wrong on so many levels. And as yummy as the day is long.)

Pampered Chef Color Coated Santoku Knife (So sharp. So perfectly pretty and green. A pleasure to cook with.)

Crystal Light On-the-Go Energy (A tube of powder that turns an innocent water bottle into a strawberry flavored kick in the pants. 120 mg of caffeine per bottle. Wow!)

Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyers (Hang in there. It's a little bizarre in the middle, but it all works out eventually.)

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