My 3 Monsters: Five Days Until Haircut Day!!

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Five Days Until Haircut Day!!

In five short days my friend, Alina is going to perform her magic on my hair. I. Can. Not. Wait. I've had long hair just about long enough. I'm thinking about losing A LOT of length, but I'll probably chicken out and go to the shoulder. This is the general style I'm looking at (really stacked in the back, A-line with bangs -- see below). However, Alina is an artiste and I'll kind of just let her do her thing. How cute will I be next time most of you see me?!


  1. I am in such a need for a hair something! Maybe when we are all together in Sept? I cannot wait to see pictures. You are so lucky to have your peace and quiet back! School doesn't start until September for us. I am ready except for the homework part.

  2. If we get together here in Sept. I can hook you up with Alina. I also have a girl who can wax us. I got a really good referral from another friend . . .

  3. OK, count me in on that too. My hair is in dire need, and I was just thinking I should get it cut all cute before we get together... but now I'm realizing you guys have seen me pretty much at my worst, so I shouldn't worry about trying to impress. :) Hey, we should all get the same haircut, then we could all wear Dan Pitcher's rugby shirts and be total twinners! Good plan??


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